Eli Warren: photography & design...

Services to help artists make a living.

Multi colored woodcut print of a badger
Female artist sitting amongst her tools
Copper necklace pendant on a dark gray gradient background
Complex artwork with many shapes in bright colors
Painter in front of his artwork standing with his arms crossed
Painting of many people waiting silhouetted against a white background
2D Artwork Photography
Have your flat artwork photographed for show entries, reproductions, portfolios, and more...
3D Artwork Photography
Have your 3D artwork photographed for show entries, portfolios, and more...
Jewelry Photography
Have your jewelry photographed for show entries, sales, portfolios, and more...
Promotional Materials
Have your promotional materials designed and printed, from business cards to banners, and much more...
Artist Portraits
Have your SELF photographed to help tell your story, introduce yourself on your website, social media, and more...
Still have questions about what I do or how to set up a job? Email me and I'd be happy to help!
Colorful cartoon render of a guy with red hair and a beard in a red shirt and green jacket against a blue background

About Eli

Hi, my name is Eli Warren. I'm a photographer and graphic designer living in Taylors, South Carolina. Since 2007 I've been helping artists make a living by photographing their work, helping them prepare for shows, and creating printed materials to help them promote themselves.